IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Best buy until 31.03.2018!

We’d recommend completing your purchase by 23.59 CET March 31st to make the most of the current Frequency Lock as this will increase April 1.

DasCoin-TheCurrencyOfTrust---12-Tho Y Y Rio Compliance

DasPay-DasFinancial---03- Terry O'Hearn-Rio - Presentation2



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Next you will get access to your Virtual Office and DasExchange

(We improved our Virtual Office in January 2018!)

new netleaders virtual office dascoin 01_2018
NetLeaders Virtual Office for DasCoin
DasExchange for DasCoin

Time is important!

The Faster You Buy, the More You Buy

DasCoin chart price frequency lock
DasCoin Chart - Frequency Lock increasing. Example Executive 5 000 € license.


  • DasCoin is going to enter stock exchanges on April 28th, 2018 (big event, NETLEADERS GLOBAL SUMMIT APRIL 28-29 2018, BATTERSEA EVOLUTION, LONDON)

DasCoin - calculations (how many DasCoins you'll get?)

How many coins you will get at your license depends on "frequency lock" parameter. The Frequency will be increased again and again. 

DasCoin price [Source: DasExchange, 16.03.2018]: 0,51 Euro/1 DasCoin.

Check DasCoin price here ⇒  

(Information below is valid until 31.03.2018. After this time, the Frequency Lock will increase)

Cycles Upgrades Frequency lock DasCoins



1 100 + 110
1 210
1 16 151



5 500 + 550
6 050
1 16 756



24 000 + 2 400
26 400
1 16 3 300



65 000 + 6 500
71 500
2 16 17 875



225 000 + 22 500
247 500
2 16 61 875



325 000 + 32 500
357 500
3 16 178 750

(Note: to receive guaranteed number of DasCoins [specified above] you need to put your cycles into a queue AFTER specified number of upgrades. So, remember NOT TO DO this before your upgrades. It is a simple step you can make at a later time. Don't take care of it at that stage. It takes 108 days for every upgrade. Example: You bought Pro license. The license has 1 upgrade. In your panel you'll see "DAYS UNTIL NEXT UPGRADE". You need to wait until the upgrade and then your Cycles will be doubled. After this, put your Cycles into a queue. This rule does not apply to President License. With President License you'll get DasCoin much faster)

How many coins do you get from DasCoin License?

dascoin calculation formula - how to know how we will get


x - quantity of coins
c - cycles
n - upgrades
f - frequency lock

For example 2000€ license with frequency lock (4.3) = 12837 coins.

DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY and buy a license + Advocate  - extra earning opportunities


1 BONUS -> Direct sales bonus: 10%

2 BONUS -> Network bonus: 10%

3 BONUS -> Matching bonus: 10-30%

---[PINNED POST: 22.10.2017]---

DasCoin - BlockChain Africa.
Uganda may be one of the first African countries takes its first steps toward DasCoin BlockChain Regulation.
DasCoin serves as the store of value and facilitates convertibility and interoperability within the system.

DasCoin Africa - DasCoin in Africa TV
Blockchain Africa - NetLeaders Dascoin Uganda Tanzania

Key NetLeaders partners are:


eberhard wedekind Nominee Director of the DasCoin Board of Directors on stage
EBERHARD WEDEKIND on stage. March 31st in Zurich. The Launch of the DasCoin Blockchain.

Eberhard Wedekind - It is the person responsible for building the Volvo brand. He managed a group of nearly 3,000 people. In DasCoin will also be responsible for brand building.


Soon Hock Lim zurich dascoin

Soon Hock Lim zurich dascoin
LIM SOON HOCK on stage. March 31st in Zurich. The Launch of the DasCoin Blockchain.

Lim Soon Hock

He is best known as the former Vice President and Managing Director of Compaq Computer Asia Pacific, who took the company to US$1 billion from under US$30m in 7 years. He wants to promote DasCoin as a cryptocurrency of trust.

On March 31st in Zurich, nominee Director for the DasCoin Board of Directors, Soon Hock Lim was then introduced to the audience. Soon Hock shared insights from his extensive business experience and spoke about the opportunities he sees in the realm of cryptocurrencies. He believes that trust is the currency of DasCoin, and that DasCoin is well positioned to be: “The Currency of Trust.”


Brian Semkiw Carta Worldwide dascoin zurich

Brian Semkiw Carta Worldwide dascoin zurich
BRIAN SEMKIW on stage. March 31st in Zurich. The Launch of the DasCoin Blockchain.

Brian Semkiw - Carta Worldwide

On March 31st in Zurich, Brian Semkiw, CEO of Carta Worldwide, a Canada-based payment solutions provider, provided the audience with background on his career and presented an overview of the revolutionary technology that Carta has developed as well as details on how Carta will be working to create the DasPay solution.

It is the same person who created ApplePay, Vodafone Finance, provided solutions for VISA or MasterCard, and is responsible for the entire Uber billing system.


KC See Director of Education at NetLeaders zurich

KC See Director of Education at NetLeaders zurich
KC SEE on stage. March 31st in Zurich. The Launch of the DasCoin Blockchain.

KC See

On March 31st in Zurich, KC See – NetLeaders Learning System KC See, Director of Education at NetLeaders, provided details about the NetLeaders education program. He gave details about what new elements are being added to the existing education system and what the estimated timeline of those will be.

(He is a master trainer, professional business coach, entrepreneur, international speaker and an author. In 1994 KC met Robert Kiyosaki and worked with him in promoting the Robert’s program in Asia. He was acknowledged in two of Robert’s book including, „Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.)

How to buy DasCoin license with bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the available payment method. You can buy Bitcoin from here (reliable exchange market)

More about DasCoin:


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Payment methods

(you can choose payment method through registration process)

payment option for DasCoin license - bitcoinIt is mostly used payment method.

Alipay, a product of Alibaba affiliate company Ant Financial Services Group, is China’s most popular digital wallet. Currently, there are 400 million people using the app to shop online, book vacations and even pay their utility bills. There are literally dozens of ways to put Alipay to work. Check out this video to see how consumers are doing exactly that and how Alipay works.

The Payza online payment platform lets you send and receive money, shop, make online payments or get paid from almost anywhere in the world.

DasCoin license payment option - PayeerPayeer. Electronic payment systems, Debit/credit cards and Banks in 200+ countries around the world.

E-secure payments in Internet services. We accept Visa, MasterCard and other credit cards, e-transfers such as mTransfer, iPKO as well as cash and mobile payments. The largest offer in the market!

payment option for DasCoin license - SolidTrustPaySolid Trust Pay (aka STP) is an e-currency/digital/virtual currency provider that allows you to send and receive funds instantly online between friends and families from your own e-wallet.

payment option for DasCoin license - 2pay4youThe 2Pay4You wallet solution with integrated banking accounts will let you transfer globally, accept incoming funds, or simply transfer money in seconds from your bank current account into your own new numbered account with 2Pay4you. You won't need your bank anymore.

Bitcoin vs DasCoin

bitcoin vs dascoin

---[UPDATED: 16.03.2018]---

DASCOIN launch first fashion blockchain project on top of the Eiffel Tower

reuters dascoin eiffel tower

---[UPDATED: 06.01.2018]---

dascoin las vegas
Las Vegas, where NetLeaders USA is to be based plan to host a major leadership event in June 2018

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---[UPDATED: 21.12.2017]---

‘Exciting’ DasPay on track to deliver multiple currencies

Terry O’Hearn, Chairman of DasFinancial, has been mapping out an exciting 2018 for DasPay, which looks set to become a flagship brand within the DasEcosystem. Speaking on the NetLeaders weekly webinar on Wednesday, he said DasPay was “widely considered our silver bullet”, and is due to become available as a payment system following a launch in June, tentatively slated for Las Vegas.

The current plan is for DasPay to operate via smartphone and card, except that the user would be spending actual cryptocurrency via a debit mechanism rather than through a pre-loaded method. There is a strong chance it will be multi-currency and it’s also possible that there could be multiple card options. Terry said there would be plenty of further detail about DasPay announced at the Global Summit in Rio on January 11 – 12.

He explained: “DasPay is one of the reasons DasCoin is going to be mainstream. There will be a way of transferring value to your card in a local currency that you need rather than let the payments system do it on the back end, so you will control the exchange. Multi-currency cards are fast and up and coming as the card of choice so that is a very exciting solution. We will start out focusing on DasCoin but also featuring multiple cryptocurrencies in the future which will be very exciting and powerful.”

“We need everyone to be working towards that goal of rapidly growing numbers”
Terry O’Hearn, Chairman, DasFinancial

He continued: “DasPay is just one of the ICOs we will welcome on to our platform assuming we can get all the appropriate regulatory approvals. We are very confident about it and the team we have working on it will have great things to share about it. I want to give everyone assurance that things are right on track.

“DasPay happening is not dependent on the ICO. It will be used as an accelerant to grow. But assuming the ICO can happen and we get regulatory approval we are going to do that. It makes sense to aim towards the latter part of Q2 and hopefully in Las Vegas. It’s really critical we have good liquidity on the exchanges. When you do a DasPay transaction you need to ping the exchange to get a real-time price on DasCoin so we need everyone to be working towards that goal of rapidly growing numbers, both quantity of users and the individual wallets that are supporting the infrastructure that’s needed on a global basis.”

The plan is for the coin to be listed on a wide spectrum of exchanges following collaboration with other FinTech companies. Although the search for advocates continues, he added: “It’s OK if they’re just looking to buy coins from the exchange. We’re looking at creating programmes that will help us with liquidity and demand. We are also looking at ways of creating scarcity which will be very important.”

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---[UPDATED: 22.09.2017]---


Validator - DasCoin hardware wallet

The time has come!

This is the safest way to store your DasCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.
You can buy it now from your Dashboard. Validator is necessary to transfer your DasCoins.

NetLeaders Dashboard - Click on the "Shop" tab to buy The Validator for your DasCoins

---[UPDATED: 01.04.2017]---

Until 14.04.2017 the frequency is 5.8! In addition, there is a special promotion of 10% bonus Cycles for all new licenses.

---[UPDATED: 17.03.2017]---

Until 31.03.2017 the frequency is 5.5! In addition, there is a special promotion of 10% bonus Cycles for all new licenses.

---[UPDATED: 04.03.2017]---

Until 05.03.2017 the frequency is 5.4! In addition, there is a special promotion of 10% bonus Cycles for all new licenses.

---[UPDATED: 23.02.2017]---

23.02.2017 - DasCoin MINTING Announcement!

Live webinar: Thu, Feb 23, 2017 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET

Webinar info: DasCoin Minting will happen on March 31st in Zurich Switzerland!

---[UPDATED: 18.02.2017]---

Important !!! DasCoin blockchain will be officially launched during the first quarter of 2017.

 Until 28.02.2017, the frequency is 5.2. In addition, there is a special promotion of 10% bonus Cycles for all new licenses.


STEP 1. Buy a DasCoin license by clicking the button above.

STEP 2. OPTIONAL You can also join an affiliate program which pays out 10℅ direct referral commission and also offers matching bonus rewards (10%) on a few levels and 10% network bonus. So, the affiliate program consists of 3 BONUSES! We strongly encourage to join it too. You can do this by getting "Advocate" membership (for 45 Euro) in your NetLeaders dashboard.





DasCoin is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency that will be officially launching during the first quarter of 2017. NetLeaders licenses enable the acquisition of DasCoins and are offered by CL Singapore Pte. Ltd, based in Singapore. CL Singapore is a licensed provider of network services for DasCoin and is the exclusive marketer of the provisioning licenses associated with DasCoin.

What is a NetLeaders License?

A NetLeaders license is a document provided once you opt in and buy one of the packages, you will then be able to receive this hybrid cryptocurrency which is purely designed to deliver a perfect blend of security, reliability and convenience .

The software licenses enable you to obtain DasCoin from the source, so you don’t have to mess around buying on a currency exchange and you certainly do not have to mine the coin, which saves a lot of money on expensive equipment and of course saves a lot of time. The NetLeaders license gives you permission to provide a resource to the network and therefore in return you are rewarded DasCoins as the network uses your contribution. It is worth noting that this technology will be the first coin to run on the same software as ApplePay and it can be used anywhere in the world where you see Mastercard or Visa accepted. This is very powerful indeed.

How can I get DasCoin?

DasCoin can only be obtained by joining NetLeaders and choosing one of the packages. NetLeaders is currently the only authorised license provider of DasCoin and they offer the network services to DasCoin. They are based in Singapore under the company CL Singapore Pte Ltd, this company is owned by Coin Leader Limited, who are based in Dubai.

Become A Customer

Purchase a NetLeaders License

Your NetLeaders License is your entry point to the DasNet platform.

It gives you three things:

1 Authentication

Your identity will be verified.

2 Authorization

You will receive a license certificate and will establish the keys to a WebWallet that will provide you access to DasNet.

3 Capacity

You will receive Cycles units of network capacity on DasNet.

What are Cycles?

Cycles are units of stored capacity within the DasNet system.
They can be directly exchanged for network services on DasNet (such as encrypted data storage or smart contracts).

Cycles are also the essential element used in minting DasCoin.

What is Minting?

Minting is the process of producing new DasCoins.

Only 8.5 billion units of DasCoin(233 to be exact: 8 589 934 592)will ever be minted.

The minting process begins with the submission of Cycles to the DasNet system. Rather than using the Cycles for network services, the holders of these Cycles choose to submit them to DasNet so that they can be converted to DasCoins. The system accepts Cycles and then uses them to produce DasCoins: essentially, the DasNet platform’s minting process to converts stored network capacity into stored value.

How Minting Works

Cycles are submitted from inside the WebWallet. Upon submission, the Cycles enter the minting queue, and are placed behind all previously submitted Cycles where they await further processing.

Every 10 minutes, the system’s master nodes remove a certain number of Cycles from the system and produce a certain number of DasCoins as the reward for the collected Cycles, with the exact proportion of this conversion depending on the Frequency.

These newly minted DasCoins are deposited directly into the WebWallet vault owned by the person who submitted the Cycles.

What is Frequency?

Frequency is the conversion factor used in the minting process of Cycles to DasCoins. As the DasNet expands, a number of positive dynamics occur: risk is reduced, the circle of users widens and the infrastructure of the system grows larger. Consequently, the value of a unit of stored value (DasCoin) in the system increases in relation to a unit of stored network capacity (Cycle). This results in more Cycles being needed to produce a unit of DasCoin. This dynamic is reflected in an increase in the Frequency, which is commensurate with the incremental growth of the network.

What is an Upgrade?

An Upgrade is the doubling of all available Cycles (meaning, all Cycles not currently in the minting queue). An Upgrade is a factor that represents the increased efficiency of DasNet’s technology over time due to technological advances and Moore’s Law dynamics. An Upgrade is currently scheduled to occur within the system every 108 days

License Comparison

[historical data: 1.07.2017, check recent chart HERE (go to "Opportunity" section)]

DasCoin calculations

[historical data: 01.04.2017][Frequency Lock: 5.8] ("These calculations may not be consistent with the above picture. Frequency increases all the time". Here is how much money would you saved.. So, do not waste Your time!)
1. Standard – buy for €100 EUR and receive 1 210 cycles and 1 upgrade.
*** Receive 417 DasCoin's
2. Manager – buy for €500 EUR and receive 6 050 cycles and 1 upgrade.
*** Receive 2 086 DasCoin's
3. Pro – buy for €2000 EUR and receive 26 400 cycles and 1 upgrade.
*** Receive 9 103 DasCoin's
4. Executive – buy for €5000 EUR and receive 71 500 cycles and 2 upgrades.
5. VIP – buy for €12,500 EUR and receive 247 500 cycles and 2 upgrades.
*** Receive 170 690 DasCoin's
5. President – buy for €25,000 EUR and receive 357 500 cycles and 3 upgrades.
*** Receive 493 103 DasCoin's

Affiliate Program of DasCoin

NetLeaders has created a highly rewarding Affiliate Program.

Qualifying yourself for receiving ANY sort of Referral Commissions requires the purchase of the Advocate Membership.
Normally, it costs 90€, but right now you can purchase it with a 50% discount, for just 45€!

However, if you for some reason, don't want to purchase it, you can simply continue working with DasCoin as a "Customer". Being a Customer, you don't receive any Referral Commissions, but you can still purchase and earn from your NetLeaders Licenses!

Now, let's review each type of the Referral Commissions that you can get in DasCoin:

Direct Sales Bonuses

The Referral Commissions of this type represent 10% of all the NetLeaders License purchases made by your Direct Referrals!

  Requirement: None. Every member is qualified for this type of Referral Commissions.

Network Bonuses

Imagine how great it would be to receive commissions on the purchases of not only your Direct Referrals, but every single Referral in your downline!

With the Network Bonus feature in DasCoin, you can receive such commissions! Being qualified for receiving Network Bonuses, you will be getting 10% on the Total Money Volume of the weakest of Binary Legs!.

  Requirement: >500€ in Direct Sales in your both Left and Right Binary Legs.

Matching Bonuses

Embrace yourself! With DasCoin, you can receive up to 30% of the Referral Commissions earned by your Referrals for up to 5 Levels deep!

  Requirement: Being qualified for receiving Network Bonuses and, also, having a Qualifying Title.

All the Matching Bonuses are calculated and paid out on a weekly basis (every Monday).

The weekly Earnings Cap for the members without a Qualifying Title is 250€.

This Earning Cap can be increased through the purchase of a Qualifying Title:

Can I promote without purchasing a License?

No. You can’t do it. You must purchase a license in order to promote DasCoin’s business opportunity.

NetLeaders Licenses

There are five NetLeaders software licenses to choose from and each has unique elements. Each license includes authentication services, a digital wallet and an amount of capacity within the DasNet platform (measured in Cycles). Payment methods for NetLeaders software licenses include wire transfer, Bitcoin transfer, or NetLeaders gift code.

For more information, please visit:

NetLeaders is a Licensed Provider of Network Services for DasCoin


NetLeaders is a technology company that markets and licenses software to individuals and businesses. NetLeaders is operated by CL Singapore Pte. Ltd., which is based in Singapore. CL Singapore is wholly owned by Coin Leadership Limited, based in Dubai.

Headquarters: Omladinskih brigada 88, 11070 Belgrad.



Director, CL Singapor
John Pretto
John Pretto is an accomplished, innovative and entrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years of senior management experience in information technology, marketing and operations. Past positions include serving as Chief Technology Officer for R66T (enterprise Wi-Fi), Chief Operating Officer for ComF5 (formerly DigitalFX – digital media marketing platform), CTO and Co-founder of HelloNetwork (streaming media technology), and VP of Technology for SmartConnect (video surveillance for gaming). He is a graduate of DeVry University and a resident of Las Vegas, United States.
Working in Alliance with

CEO, DasCoin

Michael Mathias

Michael Mathias has over 25 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience, including the past 10 years as a digital technology entrepreneur. He was Founder and President of location-based social media company Mojo Media (acquired in October, 2014), as well as Founder and CEO of marketplace network TREKA and online gaming company Change Gaming. Previously, he spent 10 years as a strategic consultant working with a variety of business clients including JP Morgan Chase's Private Bank, and 5 years as a marketing executive in the financial services industry with American Express and T. Rowe Price. He is a graduate of Princeton University and a resident of Sliema, Malta.

DasCoin is a global currency designed to deliver an optimal blend of security, convenience and utility. DasCoin Limited is based in Hong Kong.


Director, WebWallet
George Sarcevich

George Sarcevich is a seasoned international finance and technology executive, with experience that includes 10 years as a Wall Street investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and HSBC. He is the Founder of Eagle Ventures, the first technology venture capital targeting the Balkans, Co-founder of Bastion Capital, a Belgrade-based financial advisory firm, and Co-founder and CFO of IX2 Networks, a leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation services based in Los Angeles. e is also an experienced advisor to the finance ministries of Serbia and Montenegro. He is a graduate of Princeton University and a resident of Belgrade, Serbia.

WebWallet develops and manages an innovative digital wallet system. WebWallet Pte. Ltd. is based in Singapore.


Executive Chairman, DasFinancial
Terry O’Hearn

Terry O’Hearn is a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in corporate finance, commodities, retail, and technology. Previously, he was Founder and CEO of Outdoor Access Group (retail), Founder and CEO of iMOZI Canada Inc. (technology), Founder and President of DOLFIN Developments West Ltd. & Safari Corporation (technology), and Founder & CEO of Taymad International Corp. (corporate finance and commodities). He attended Sir Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Calgary and is a resident of Vancouver, Canada.

DasFinancial AG is a technology development company focused on creating next-generation fintech solutions. The Company is based in Zug, Switzerland.