Cryptocurrency Opportunity

This is a story of cryptocurrency and how one of our DasCoin Members seized an amazing opportunity.

Internet Opportunities

Have you ever wondered how some people earned millions or even billions of dollars on Internet businesses? I know that this amount of money may seem huge, but I have used it on purpose, because I want you to always THINK BIG. There are a few kinds of people:

  • those who earned big money on Internet businesses
  • those who make their living
  • those who only moonlight
  • those who do not even believe that one can earn money on the Internet

I'm convinced that after reading this you will change your attitude to earning opportunities created by the Internet. Soon after you acquaint yourself with this page, your green with envy friends will be asking you how you managed to earn that much on the Internet.



Bitcoin LogoHave you ever heard of cryptocurrency? In short, it is a digital currency. At the moment, the most popular cryptocurrency is BitCoin. It is more advantaged than common currencies and bank accounts. BitCoin is not controlled by anybody. It does not have an owner, which means that no one is able to freeze or to take away your capital. You can send money anonymously halfway around the world for free in the blink of an eye. You can use BitCoins to pay for your online shopping, you can withdraw them from a cash machine, you can even buy a car with BitCoins! More and more companies decide to make BitCoins a fully acceptable form of payment.

Now, imagine this: it is 2010 and you find out that the first cryptocurrency, BitCoin, was created. At the cryptocurrency transactionbeginning, it was almost of no value, now, however, one BitCoin is worth $1 on the stock market. Interesting entrepreneurship - you think - I will buy BitCoins for $100. On one hand, it’s $100 so it would be a pity if I lost it. On the other hand, however, if this project works out, and in 2 or 3 years one BitCoin would cost $10, $100 would turn into $1000. What would you do if you had such opportunity?

Bitcoin price historyI don’t know what you would have done, but let me tell you what I did - NOTHING. I read about BitCoin, I closed the web page, and returned to my regular duties... If you are not familiar with the history of BitCoin, I will tell you what happened after three years. Its value didn’t reach $10. After three years its value was $1,200! It means that BitCoins purchased for $100 were worth $120,000! It was a huge speculative bubble, indeed, and its price declined drastically, but since this crash it has been going up systematically, and in 2017 it reached $1000 again.

DasCoin – the currency of the future

Have you missed your chance, too? Don’t worry, here comes another one! Since the creation of BitCoin, several hundred cryprocurrencies have emerged, but only some of them became more or less successful. I would like to show you a project which is very likely to become a real revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies. This project is called DasCoin which is a new, hybrid cryptocurrency. It has a great potential, mainly because it has a chance of becoming the first commonly used cryptocurrency, which means you would be able to pay with DasCoins wherever proximity cards are accepted. Let me present to you the key points.

1. Transactions will be carried out almost immediately

Let’s take a look at the popular BitCoin. For a transaction to be confirmed, it has to be entered into a block and then into a block chain. Each confirmation means that the transaction was entered into the block. Generally, the transaction is officially confirmed after three online confirmations. Time between each block is about 10 minutes. Let’s look at the chart showing the average time needed by the transaction to be confirmed

It means that average time needed by the transaction to be confirmed is 37,5 minutes.
DasCoin has 6sec blocks which means that the cash flow among the users is almost instant.

2. Mobile payments in DasCoin

From 2015 the founders of DasCoin have been holding talks with the biggest companies providing credit cards payments such as VISA and MASTERCARD. Original application enabling its users to make payments with DasCoins is yet to be introduced. This means that mobile phone payments will be possible in over 50 million points of sales where proximity cards are accepted. Similar solutions are offered by Android Pay and Apple Pay; they use, however, money from your bank account. DasPay will enable paying with their own cryptocurrency instead! Below, you can watch a short animation presenting all the advantages of DasPay.

Can you see the potential? DasCoin is supposed to be one and only cryptocurrency allowing you to forget completely about your wallet and credit cards. Your mobile phone will be all you need.

3. You can make a binding contract through the Internet!

Have you ever heard of intelligent contracts? It is a new method of making a digital contract that does not require neither lawyer’s presence nor backlogs of paperwork. The contract is based on the same block system as the cryptocurrency. Transactions, as well as the digital contracts are ciphered, so that security of all operations is perfect. This also means that the users save their time and money, because they do not have to hire a notary. The contracts will be secured by the so called cycles which we receive after purchasing a licence for minting DasCoins.

DasCoin – probably the best cryptocurrency of 2018

Now that you know what DasCoin is and how widely experienced people create it, we should focus on how much you can earn. The first step is making an account on NetLeaders (click on the button below).

Then you choose a licence which suits you. You can choose from 6 licences which differ in value and are characterised by certain conditions of minting (the more advanced licence the more coins you get). Below, you can see all the available licences:

(snapshot, 01.12.2017)

Cycles Upgrades Frequency lock Max reward



1.100 + 110
1 12.7 191



5.500 + 550
1 12.7 953



24.000 + 2.400
1 12.7 4.157



65.000 + 6.500
2 12.7 22.520



225.000 + 22.500
2 12.7 77.953



325.000 + 32.500
3 12.7 225.197

As you can see, each licence is characterised by a certain amount of cycles, upgrades, frequency locks as well as percentage bonus. The above table also shows the “Max Reward” which is the maximum amount of coins that are assigned to a particular licence.

Now, I will show you a method of calculating the amount of coins. We buy, for instance, a licence for €5000 which gives you 65.000 cycles and the 10% bonus (+6.500), so the aggregated amount of cycles is 71.500. This licence has also two so called upgrades. An upgrade is simply doubling the amount of cycles, which will take place after about 108 days. After the first upgrade you will have 143.000 cycles, and after the second one you will have 286.000 cycles. Now divide this number by the frequency lock (286.000/12.7=22.520).

As you can see, the higher the frequency lock is, the fewer coins we get, and that is why buying the licence as early as possible is so important. Frequency lock increases about every two weeks. At the moment of buying the licence, the frequency lock is assigned to your account. This means that if the frequency lock increases after some time, e.g. from 12.7 to 10, you will still get the amount of coins assigned to your original 12.7 frequency lock.

In our example, we got 22.520 coins. The cost of the licence was €5000, therefore, the price of one coin is 0.22€ (5000/22.520). According to analysts, the price of DasCoin may reach €5,5 after the first two years. Let’s assume that the price of one coin reaches “only” €1. If you buy a licence for €5,000 and sell each coin for €1, you will get 22.520€ which is 17.520€ of profit!


DasCoin - extra earning opportunities

DasCoin hasn’t the story of BitCoin given you some food for thought? Of course, I'm not going to convince you that DasCoin will be as successful as BitCoin and its price will reach $1,000. However, even if DasCoin reaches the price of €10, which is highly probable, you will be able to sell it for 100 times the price!

DasCoin also offers partnership programmes which provide incentives for recommending a license. In order to take part in such programme, you have to buy an “Advocate” account for €45 that gives you 3 kinds of bonuses.

IMPORTANT – a system of division 60% / 40% applies to all money earned in the partnership programme. This means that 60% of your earnings are Euros which you can put into your bank account or BitCoin wallet, while the other 40% is transferred into a special fund which you can use for making a smart contract or buying some additional cycles which will turn into DasCoins after some time. Commission is taken every Monday.


Now I will describe all three bonuses available with partnership programmes:

1. Direct sales bonus: 10%

Let’s assume that you recommended DasCoin to your friend who decided to buy a licence for €5,000. You get 10% of this amount which is €500. 60% of €500 is €300 which you will be able to deposit into your bank account. 40% of €500 is €200 which will be transferred into your Reverse Balance.

2. Network bonus: 10%

This bonus is based on binary matrix. In the example, you have one friend with €5,000 licence (on the left side of a diagram below), then you recommend DasCoin to another friend who buys a licence for €2,000 (on the right side of the diagram). Our 10% bonus is paid on weak leg volume in binary matrix, which in this case is €2,000 so your bonus is €200. 60% of €200 can be placed into your account, and 40% is transferred into your Reverse Balance. In order to qualify for the network bonus you need at least €500 direct sales on the left and €500 direct sales on the right.

3. Matching bonus: 10-30%

This bonus consists of making money on profits made by people to whom you recommended DasCoin (based on the binary matrix). Let’s change our example a bit. On the left there is a friend with €5,000 licence, on the right there is a friend with €2,000 licence. The one on the right invites another two persons who also buy licences for €5,000 and €2,000, respectively. Now, please, take a look at the illustration below:

The situation has changed and now the left side is the weaker leg from which you will get your bonus (€500), because the overall sum on the left (€5,000) is smaller than the one on the right (€9,000). Therefore, your friend, who invited those two persons, earns 10% of €2,000 which is €200; and you get 10% of this sum as a matching bonus which is €20. In order to qualify for the matching bonus, you need at least €500 direct sales on the left and €500 in direct sales on the right and a qualifying title. The matching bonus, up to the fifth level, depends on your licence or your turnover.

Each person directly recommended by you is a so called “level 1” for which you get 10% of the matching bonus. When the level 1 invites another person, the latter becomes level 2 for which you get 15% of their earnings. When the level 2 invites another person, the latter becomes level 3 and so on up to the level 5. Below, you can check how much you can earn at each level:

  • Level #1 – 10%
  • Level #2 – 15%
  • Level #3 – 20%
  • Level #4 – 25%
  • Level #5 – 30%

As you can see, the higher level it is, the more you can earn! Why? The company wants to encourage you to help people from your team. The more you help, the more you get!