Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy DasCoins?

You can purchase a software licenses from NetLeaders from 100 EUR to 25,000 EUR

How to earn an income with DasCoin?

There’re 2 ways to earn with DasCoin

- 100% Passive:

Buy now and enjoy the Capital Gain after few years (in late 2017 at the earliest)

- 100% Active:

Join NetLeaders Affiliate Program and start earning from promoting the DasCoin’s Business Opportunity.

Can I earn without promoting, sponsoring, recruiting etc?

Yes. You don’t need to promote in order to earn. You can buy and forget DasCoins and enjoy a pretty good capital gain few years later.

Can I promote without purchasing a Licence?

No. You can’t do it. You must purchase a licence in order to promote DasCoin’s business opportunity.

Can I trade DasCoins on Public Exchanges?

Yes. You’ll be able to buy/sell Dascoins on public exchanges. Exact date is given on the main page.

What’s the Total Supply of DasCoins?

8,589,000,000 Coins will be minted.

How many DasCoin licenses has been sold?

Approx. 50 000 DasCoin licenses has been sold until 01.12.2017.

My question is not answered here. What should i do?

Please use the “Ask a question" tab above.

Is there a risk of losing money by buying DasCoin license?

Yes. In general, there’s no such thing as a “risk free”. Everything in life has risk.

What's the level of risk?

DasCoin license purchase involves low-level of risk.